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Bristol Senior Center Heart Talk with Dr. Shahzad Ahmed

Recently, Dr. Shahzad Ahmed, cardiologist at BMC Medical Group, did a heart talk for Heart Month at the Bristol Senior Center. Dr. Ahmed spoke about the importance of diagnosing and treating heart and vascular disease. The event, hosted by Lower Bucks Hospital, was attended by 84 seniors, and included lunch and healthy heart information.

During the presentation, Dr. Ahmed explained that heart disease occurs when “the heart doesn’t get enough nutrient-rich blood because the arteries become clogged and inflamed in a precursor condition known as atherosclerosis.” He said this can become dangerous, as “arteries can harden as substances from the blood build up in the artery wall, causing blockages that ultimately result in a heart attack.”

The good news, he explained, “is that heart disease can be prevented or controlled. Prevention includes lifestyle changes and sometimes medication, if prescribed by a doctor.”

Dr. Ahmed outlined heart healthy tips that included smoking cessation, daily exercise, regular consumption of vegetables and Omega-3 oils from fish like salmon, and nutritious, fiber-rich fruits over fruit juices. Dr. Ahmed reminded participants to always call 911 if they think they are having a heart attack and to never drive to the hospital.

The presentation ended on a high note in a Q&A led by Dr. Ahmed and Prime Healthcare’s Regional Director of Marketing and Communications, Michelle Aliprantis.

Dr. Ahmed said, “Partnerships like the one we have with Bristol Senior Center illustrate our purpose of reaching into the communities we serve and creating an environment focused on total wellness and continued education.”

Alipranits stated, “This was the perfect opportunity to help educate our community and spread awareness.”