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You can shrug your shoulders at a lot of things in life, but don’t ignore shoulder aches for too long.

Shoulder problems don’t just happen to baseball and tennis players. They occur among people of all ages and activity levels, and they can be serious when left untreated.

The shoulder is the most moveable joint in our bodies. That places it at risk for injury as well as everyday wear and tear. There are many types and causes of shoulder problems. Some, such as a dislocated shoulder, result from trauma such as a hard fall. Others, such as rotator cuff tears or bursitis, develop from physical conditions that tend to be more common as we age.

You might successfully treat a mildly sore shoulder at home with over-the counter pain medicine, ice packs and rest. But if your pain is severe or doesn’t go away in a week or two, contact your doctor.

Lower Bucks Hospital offers a range of diagnostic tests for shoulder pain, including MRIs. Fortunately, surgery isn’t often required, reports Dr. Menachem Meller, MD, PhD., FAAOS, in a 2012 video Dr. Meller reports “this can be possible by lifestyle improvements (getting in shape, lowering one’s weight, and muscle strengthen).”

Many shoulder issues, particularly those that are degenerative in nature, respond well to rehabilitation. The out-patient physical therapy team at Lower Bucks Hospital offers rehabilitation care for shoulder pain and injuries.

When surgery is necessary, you’ll receive a recommendation tailored to your condition for patients who need them.

As with so many aspects of health, prevention pays. Exercising your shoulders regularly helps keep them flexible. Just be careful not to overload on weights and avoid putting your arms in awkward positions.

Especially among women, bones tend to become weaker with age. Your doctor can advise you on how best to maintain bone health and avoid fractures.

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Dr. Menachem M. Meller, M.D., Ph.D., FAAOS

Orthopedic Surgeon

Board-certified Orthopedic Surgeon who’s been practicing for over 33 yearsHe received his medical degree from Rush Medical College. He specializes in orthopedic medicine and is experienced in trauma and acute injuries, adult reconstruction joint replacement surgery, sports medicine, and arthroscopic surgery as well as injuries and illness which may have a medical or metabolic basis.