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A Cardiac Rehab Gym for Healing


According to the American Heart Association, cardiac rehabilitation can improve the health and recovery of those who suffer from heart disease or a lung disorder. The following are benefits of cardiovascular rehabilitation:

  • 45-47% reduction in all-cause mortality in patients who participated in cardiovascular rehabilitation after percutaneous coronary intervention compared to non-participants.
  • 31% lower hospital readmissions.
  • Improved adherence with preventive medication.
  • Increased exercise performance.
  • Improved health factors, such as blood pressure, exercise capacity, and lipid profiles.
  • Enhanced ability to perform daily activities.
  • Improved psychosocial symptoms and health-related quality of life.

Lower Bucks Hospital’s Outpatient Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Program is individualized and comprehensive, designed with the goals of modifying risk factors for heart disease and improving overall quality of life. The program consists of:

  • Emotional and psychosocial support to cope with lifestyle changes associated with heart surgery or diagnosis of a heart condition
  • Education and referrals to area smoking cessation programs
  • Lifestyle education to reduce the risk of future heart conditions
  • Counseling to reduce stress

Rehabilitation helps cardiac patients rebuild strength after they’ve had a heart attack, heart failure or a cardiac surgery or procedure. In addition to exercise, cardiac rehab involves counseling on nutrition, smoking cessation, and stress reduction.

Cardiac rehab can help relieve symptoms such as chest pain and fatigue, improve mood, boost energy, enhance quality of life and reduce the risk of future heart problems. In fact, studies have found that it decreases a patient’s chances of death in the next five years by up to 30 percent.

Supervised, Personalized Therapy

Lower Bucks Hospital’s Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Department understands you may feel hesitant about embarking on an exercise program and concerned about how it may affect your health. Through our program, you’ll receive therapy addressing your physical health, activities of daily living, and recreation needs in a safe, supportive, and monitored environment. We’ll carefully assess you and your health to design a rehabilitation regimen that meets your individual needs and helps you achieve benefits such as:

  • Improved strength, endurance, and flexibility
  • Less breathlessness
  • More ease in performing the activities of daily living
  • Increased energy to partake in hobbies, family activities, and social events
  • We also provide education and support in lifestyle modification and disease prevention

How do I get started? Before leaving the hospital or on your first check up with your cardiologist, ask him/her for a prescription for outpatient cardiac rehabilitation. Call the facility to make an appointment. Current national recommendations suggest that you begin outpatient cardiac rehabilitation one to three weeks after discharge from the hospital. You can contact Lower Bucks Hospital’s outpatient cardiac rehabilitation center at (215) 785-9133.