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Michelle Aliprantis, MBA

Regional Director of Business Development, Marketing and Communications




Lower Bucks Hospital Employees Honored at Annual Service Awards Event


Bristol, PA (March 30, 2024) – Lower Bucks Hospital is proud to announce their Annual Employee Service Awards, recognizing a total of 680 years of service by dedicated employees who have helped the hospital achieve excellence over the years. This year’s awards honor 44 employees for their outstanding contributions and commitment to providing high-quality care and services.

The Employee Service Awards are an esteemed event that offers a platform to express gratitude towards the exceptional employees who have demonstrated unwavering dedication, professionalism, and commitment to excellence in their work. This year’s theme, “Lower Bucks Employees: Perseverance, “further highlights the importance of recognizing those who have gone above and beyond in their roles.

Commenting on the occasion, Chief Nursing Officer of Lower Bucks Hospital, Renee Stewart, said, “Five through forty years of tenure is a significant milestone that showcases the level of trust and commitment shared between the employee and employer. At Lower Bucks Hospital, we have had the privilege of having employees who have dedicated their best years to our organization, and it is imperative that we recognize and appreciate their unwavering loyalty, dedication, and hard work.”

Kevin Carrion, Director of Human Resources, Lower Bucks Hospital, remarked, “Our Employee Service Awards stands out as my favorite event of the year because it provides a platform to recognize and honor our employees’ dedication. Their tenure speaks volumes about their commitment, hard work, and passion, that truly sets Lower Bucks apart from other hospitals.”

During the event, Stewart delivered a heartfelt speech about Lisa Foran, RN, who celebrated 35 years of dedicated service. In her remarks, Stewart shared how Lisa followed in her mother Judy’s footsteps, and highlighted Lisa’s exceptional qualities that make her a beloved colleague at Lower Bucks Hospital.

Stewart also highlighted Jeannette Lieb, a dedicated RN who has spent 35 years at Lower Bucks Hospital. Stewart praised Janette as the perfect example of an ideal employee that everyone hopes to work with sometime during their career.

She added, “Janette’s journey at Lower Bucks Hospital began as a nurse extern and progressed to become an orthopedic nurse, followed by joining oncology, before eventually finding her home in Med-Surg after passing through the telemetry unit along the way.”

Lower Bucks Hospital has always been an employee-focused and patient-centered organization and the hospital places the well-being of its employees uppermost on its corporate credo. The awards also celebrate the milestone of a tenure that has been rewarding, enriching and epitomizes an employee’s loyalty to the organization.

This year’s employees who celebrate Lower Bucks Hospital anniversaries, measured in five-year increments, from five to forty years, include:

5 Years

Mary Slemmer

Varun Varghese

Karen Foehl

Jibin Johnykutty

Michelle Aliprantis

Harrison Jaffess

Jamie Rhoades

Ahmed Rogers

Francis Exposito

Bonnie Cook

Sherlene Anderson

Gail Lebovich


10 Years

Patrick Ryan

Bukuroshe Bakos

Christine Nguyen

Julia Armstrong

Francine Reid


15 Years

Jay Witkowski

Joan Burgess

Anna Carlin

Gerard Malisheski

Margonie Baylosis

Elizabeth Rewilak

Samantha Scott

Lisa Reilly

Michael Napoli


20 Years

Donna Dugger

Elsie Stewart

Patricia Watson

Edgardo Villafuerte


25 Years

Susan Rowson


35 Years

Lisa Foran

Jeannette Lieb

Leona Kaye

Debra Krimetz

Sarah Moyer

Joan Bartkovich


40 Years

Virginia Dodge

Kimberly Darigo

Diana McBride


Employees, who were recognized after five years of service, will choose a gift from a promotional catalog that will include the official Lower Bucks Hospital logo. All honorees will receive a certificate that they may display in their office or home.



About Lower Bucks Hospital: Lower Bucks Hospital is a community hospital, serving the Lower Bucks County region with medical, surgical, and emergency care. Located in historic Bristol, Pennsylvania, the Hospital is well-known for its knowledgeable medical staff, including cardiology, orthopedics, radiology, wound care, and general surgery. The hospital has more than 200 physicians on staff, as well as another 700 employees. As part of Prime Healthcare Services, headquartered in Ontario, California, Lower Bucks Hospital is focused on becoming one of the leaders in technology.

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