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How to lose weight after pregnancy

Written by: Dr. Andre Posner

A common complaint that we see in our practice are from frustrated mothers who just can’t seem to lose that “baby weight” that they acquired during pregnancy. Losing weight after pregnancy is not that much different from losing weight during any other time of your life, the same principles apply. However, it can be more challenging. 1st of all, you are used to eating for 2 and now you’re eating just for yourself again. Secondly, as the mother of a newborn, you are probably not getting very much sleep.

Newborn babies rarely sleep through the night, and so neither do their parents. When we are sleep deprived we are less likely to spend the time that we need to on ourselves for exercise and food preparation. Newborns tend to have their own schedules that their parents need to work around, and so it is hard to be regimented. That being said, while it may be challenging, losing weight after pregnancy is still very doable. During any times when you have a little more energy or are rested, do some form of cardio activity, such as an exercise DVD or dusting off that old treadmill or elliptical machine that might be in your basement. When the weather is nice, take your baby out for long walks in the stroller, the fresh air will be good for both of you, and the workout will be good for your weight loss efforts.

Try to meal prep when you have a chance, that will help you to gradually get used to healthier eating habits. If you are able to prepare a couple of days worth of dinners in advance while baby is napping, you will be less likely to find yourself at the drive-through of the fast food joint or with the pizza delivery guy at your door, since you already have your healthier choice ready to go. If you are not breast-feeding, you may also be eligible for a prescription appetite suppressant, so ask your doctor.

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Doctor Andre Posner is a board certified family physician.  He was born in the 1960s to Peace Corps volunteers in French West Africa. He completed his undergraduate training at Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science in 1990 and attended medical school at Nova Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine. He completed his training in Family Medicine in 2000 at Frankford hospital. He is experienced in hospitalist medicine and has won multiple awards for his work in training and supervising resident physicians in the hospital setting. He currently practices holistic family medicine with an emphasis on weight management.