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Michelle Aliprantis, MBA
Regional Director of Marketing and Communications



Lower Bucks Hospital Employees Honored at Annual Service Awards

Bristol, PA (March 30, 2023) – Lower Bucks Hospital proudly announces their Annual Employee Service Awards, recognizing 705 total years of service. This year the Employee Service Awards will honor 49 employees who have helped Lower Bucks Hospital achieve excellence over the years through their dedicated service.

Lower Bucks Hospital Employee Service Awards provides an opportunity to say “thank you” to the dynamic and innovative employees who touch the lives of Lower Bucks patients and staff every day through their professionalism, commitment to excellence and diligence. This year’s theme is Lower Bucks Employees – Perseverance.

Commenting on the occasion, the CNO of Lower Bucks Hospital, Lea Rodriguez, said, “Five through forty years tenure depicts the level of trust and commitment on the part of both the employee and the employer. Some of our employees have spent their best years with us, so we must recognize and appreciate their loyalty, dedication, and hard work at Lower Bucks Hospital. We believe that our employees are our biggest assets, and we will keep investing in their potential to drive the hospital forward.”

Kevin Carrion, Director of Human Resources of Lower Bucks Hospital, remarked, “Lower Bucks Hospital’s Employee Service Awards is my favorite event of the year because this is where we get to acknowledge the contributions of our employees.  Their tenure speaks for itself, and they truly are what makes our hospital special.”

Lower Bucks Hospital has always been an employee-focused and patient-centered organization and the hospital places the well-being of its employees uppermost on its corporate credo. The awards also celebrate the milestone of a tenure that has been rewarding, enriching and epitomizes an employee’s loyalty to the organization.

This year’s employees who celebrate Lower Bucks Hospital anniversaries, measured in five-year increments, from five to forty years, include:

5 Years

Nyra Adams

Chioma Ekwegh

Nicole Genn

Christine Giampa

Jordana Hale

Mark  Herkert

Charles Kanian

David Lim

Nicole Louis-Garraud

Deborah Martin

Marion Pace

Nurzhamal Rysbekova

Bon Smith

Mary Stewart

10 Years

Tamara Alcantara

Theresa Biggins

Doris Garven

Shirley Harvey

Melissa Hicks

Lauren Mariano

Michael Mignone

Anthony Robichaw

Michael Simko

Robert Volpacchio

15 Years

Kelly Breton

Mark Ennis

Diana Hafer-Lash

Fernando Mateo

Madelin Mendez

Stacy Nelson

Sandra Palmer

20 Years

Maryanne Dechurch

Sherri Marinelli

Barbara Mercer

Christine Smith

Louis Spielberger

Jennifer Sullivan

Eric Szajdecki

25 Years

Susan Anderson

Pamela Ferry

Christine Spor

Lisa Van Hise

30 Years

Ki Kim

Irene Turfitt

35 Years

Susan Haimowitz

Andrea Hansberry

40 Years

Alex Udowenko

Employees, who were recognized after five years of service, will choose from a promotional catalog that will include the official Lower Bucks Hospital gift with logo. All honorees will receive a certificate that employees may display in their office or home.


About Lower Bucks Hospital: Lower Bucks Hospital is a community hospital, serving the Lower Bucks County region with medical, surgical, and emergency care. Located in historic Bristol, Pennsylvania, the Hospital is well-known for its knowledgeable medical staff, including cardiology, orthopedics, radiology, wound care, and general surgery. The hospital has more than 200 physicians on staff, as well as another 700 employees. As part of Prime Healthcare Services, headquartered in Ontario, California, Lower Bucks Hospital is focused on becoming one of the leaders in technology.

Prime Healthcare is an award-winning hospital management company operating 45 acute care hospitals in 14 states, including Roxborough Memorial Hospital in Philadelphia, Lower Bucks Hospital in Bristol, and Suburban Community Hospital in Montgomery County.

About Prime Healthcare and Prime Healthcare Foundation: Prime Healthcare is an award-winning health system operating 45 hospitals and more than 300 outpatient locations in 14 states, providing over 2.6 million patient visits annually. It is one of the nation’s leading health systems with nearly 50,000 employees and physicians dedicated to providing the highest quality healthcare. Fourteen of the Prime Healthcare hospitals are members of the Prime Healthcare Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit public charity. Based in Ontario, California, Prime Healthcare is nationally recognized for award-winning quality care and has been named a Top 10 and Top 15 Health System by IBM Watson Health. Its hospitals have been named among the nation’s “100 Top Hospitals” 58 times and have received more Patient Safety Excellence Awards from Healthgrades than any other health system in the past six years. To learn more, please visit